LSFF: Retrospective and Q&A: Ghost Box Records

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  • Song Name: Retrospective and Q&A: Ghost Box Records
  • Artist: LSFF
  • Year: 2014

Ghost Box is a record label founded in 2004 that unites a small roster of creative talent with a common visual and sonic aesthetic. Inspired by an imagined and misremembered past, this musical and visual world is distinctly British in its sensibilities, condensing a cultural timeline from the early sixties through to the early eighties into one simultaneous and eerily familiar moment.

In January 2014 LSFF welcomed video maker Julian House to the ICA to talk all about the pre-digital era of fading film stock and unstable tape, the influence of Reithian BBC programming, and the peculiar allure of post-psychedelic, 'weird science' TV and radio. Chairing the talk was Bob Stanley from St Etienne and author of Yeah Yeah Yeah: The Story of Modern Pop.

Recorded at the ICA on 18 January 2014.